Friday 10 April 2009

another falmouth beastie

Falmouth "beast" lives on

12:39pm Wednesday 8th April 2009 By Emma Goodfellow »

The beast lives on - that is the opinion of Falmouth man John Ostins, who is the latest in a line of people claiming to have seen the town's mysterious " beast." Mr Ostins, who is studying boat building at Falmouth Marine School, contacted the Packet to say that, at the risk of sounding "daft" he had also seen something resembling the unusual creature first revealed on the Packet website and featured in the paper that week. At the time Falmouth Watersports Centre worker Sam Bradbury claimed to have seen an animal that resembled a cross between a lion, a fox and a kangaroo. Mr Ostins, from Tregenver Road, claims to have seen the beast in the second week of January - but has been too embarrassed to come forward until now. He had been walking his dog Oggy on the coastal path between Swanpool and Maenporth at around 5pm when his pet started barking loudly ahead before going "absolutely ballistic" with his shackles up. Mr Ostins said: "Just as we rounded the bend in the path I briefly saw up ahead a weird looking animal hopping into a gorse bush. I didn't see it for long, but I can say that it was jet black with a long, bushy tail like I'd imagine a racoon to have, and bigger in size than my Labrador. It also seemed to be moving on two hind legs." Oggy went to the bush where the creature rushed to but, unusually, appeared reluctant to go in and look for the animal, which then disappeared. "It sounds so far fetched and unbelievable that for weeks I kind of made myself believe that it was a dog or something and I completely dismissed it, until I saw the articles in the paper," added Mr Ostins.

This strange beastie has been seen before :Reported in Feb 2009.Sam Bradbury told his friends he spotted a strange creature on a Falmouth coast path.The 23-year-old stands by his claims that the strange beast was lurking near Swanpool.It was nearly dusk when he says he saw an animal walking on hind legs like a kangaroo, but with a big bushy tail and a cat-like face.An expert from Newquay Zoo said that despite the drawing Sam made of the creature, and information given, he has "no clue" as to what it is.

A mystery indeed. We all know how easily it is possible to see a known animal and mistake it for an unknown one, after all we aren’t all zoologists, but this one will take some thinking about.

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