Saturday 11 April 2009

loch ness monster news


DODGE: Nessie will have to avoid golf balls Thursday April 2,2009

WHEN the US scientists lowered their high tech, cameras 800ft into Loch Ness, they were prepared for anything – except golf balls. Instead of zooming in on Nessie, the cameras picked up tens of thousands of balls posing a threat to the species that live there. Loch Ness has been designated with “international conservation importance” because of its unique aquatic life. It is believed holidaymakers and locals are using the loch as a golf range. Mike O’Brien. of Louisiana-based Sea Trepid. sent remote cameras down in the hope of discovering Nessie for the US TV show, Monster Quest. He said: “There’s a lot of debris down there, including, literally, a coating of golf balls. It’s a shame really.” Green Party MSP Patrick Harvie said: “From the Moon to the bottom of Loch Ness, golf balls are humanity’s signature litter. “If there was anything of interest down there, it would not do it any good to be hit like this. “You can get biodegradable balls now and anyone looking to fire a few off into Loch Ness or elsewhere should get a stock in.”

Perhaps this is a good time to remind people that :

A £1 million reward has been offered to anyone who can find conclusive proof that the Loch Ness monster exists. Bookmakers William Hill are offering the reward to anyone who finds evidence which persuades the Natural History Museum that nessie exists.

Steve Feltham, 44, who has spent 16 years watching the loch from a converted mobile library on its southern shore, believes that there were once as many as 30 mysterious creatures in the loch but that they are gradually dying off, because of old age. “In the heyday of the sightings, back in the Sixties and Seventies, there were probably 20 or 30 of these animals but I believe that we’re now down to the last half a dozen,” he said.In view of the the lack of recent sightings he could be right. There is one monster fish still around the Ness though.

A massive salmon thought to be the biggest caught in the UK will not enter the record books because its weight cannot be verified, officials said. Caught in October 2007,the angling community hoped the fish would break the UK's rod catch record, set 85 years by the daughter of a Scottish ghillie.Witnesses to the weekend catch said the huge salmon, caught in the River Ness near Inverness, was 56 inches long and 50 inches around the girth. The angling party which caught the male salmon released the fish back into the water after photographing and measuring it.But they had no way of confirming its exact weight because the set of scales they had on the river bank could weigh up to only 30lb.Ghillie Grant Sutherland, who witnessed the catch, told The Scotsman: "I have never come across a fish like that before."We couldn't weigh the salmon because we didn't have scales big enough."All I can say is that the measured length was 56 inches. It was the biggest fish I've ever seen - by a mile.

Nessie could be a monster salmon? who knows, but if you find out you could be very rich.

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