Wednesday 15 April 2009

UK coasts alive with sea monsters

A round up of sea monster stories from around the UK.

Near Wales

  • A sea monster was seen on Barmouth Beach, Gwynedd in 1975. It was approximately 10 feet long with a long tail and neck.
  • A 30-40 feet long beast was spotted at New Quay, Dyfed disturbing a colony of seals.

Around Scotland

  • In the Orkneys a sea monster with a 6-7 foot neck was seen in 1919.
  • In the Linnhe sea-loch a long-necked monster was seen in the 1940s and a three-humped creature was spotted in 1954.
  • A 30 feet long beast with a camel's head, a giraffe's neck and a tail covered with long hair was seen by fishermen in the Firth of Clyde (1953).
  • A 30-40 foot monster was seen on the beach at Helensburgh, Strathclyde in 1962.
  • In 1964 on the Isle of Jura, a 25 foot monster was seen swimming south.
  • A monster was seen by the side of the road near Perth in 1965.

Off the English Coast.

  • A coastguard had a close encounter with a sea monster at Filey Brig, North Yorkshire. The beast was only 6 yards away, its huge 8 feet high neck rearing up above him from its 30 feet long body.
  • A similar beast was encountered on a beach in Herm, Channel Islands in 1923.
  • In 1966 a creature with a head like a serpent and six or seven humps was spotted close to the shore at Chapel St Leonard's, Lincolnshire.
  • There have been at least 4 similar sightings off the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

· One of the best known sightings of a sea monster in the UK was off the coast of Cornwall. The monster (known as Morgawr) was first sighted in September, 1975. It has been described as a massive creature with a humped back, a long, bristled neck, and a head topped with stumpy horns.

This was just a brief trawl and all these sightings popped up. The UK coast line and surrounding seas may hold many previously unknown creatures. Keep your eyes peeled.

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